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Improving tire life in 2 aspects:

The tire itself
, the following factors are very important:

  1. Basic workmanship andmaterials.
  2. Air pressure maintenance
  3. Tyre matching
  4. A rotation policy
  5. Tyre records/analysis
  6. Repair procedures

Working site conditions, Includingthe following factors:

  1. Type of equipment
  2. Weight of distribution
  3. Speed
  4. Haul length
  5. Wheel position
  6. Ambient temperature
  7. Underfoot conditions
  8. Operator habits

Tips forusing tires:

  1. Keep your tires clean by simply hosing them down.
    1. Remove embedded rocks
    2. Wash off dirt
  2. Rotate tires that wear faster , replace any tires that appear to show signs of excessive wear, are damaged, or defective in any way.
  3. Always use approved tire and rim combinations for sizes andcontours.
  4. Monitor and adjust air pressure, never exceed manufacturer’s recommended tire inflation pressure.
  5. Consider the weight of your load and keep it balanced.
  6. Don’t spin the tires when digging.

If you have any doubt about the correct, safemethod of performing any step in the demounting, mounting, adding or removing,or inflating process – STOP!

Seek out expert assistance from a qualifiedperson.

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