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Suitable for heavy duty crane, container handling machines etc., operating at the airport, yard, port and so on. Deep tread pattern and wide riding area provide good cutting and wear resisances, improve ride properties on gravel road, the tyre has long service life and is durable.

Table parameter

TIRE  SIZE P.R. TYPE TREAD DEPTH Inflated Dimensions Standard RIM Max LoadPressure
Overall Width Section Width 10km/h 50km/h 10km/h 50km/h
TT TL mm 32nd mm inch mm inch Kg Kg Kpa Kpa
18.00-25 36   TL 54 68 1675 65.9 500 19.5 13.00/2.5 16000 9250 850 625
40   TL 17000 9750 950 700


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